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Watercolor illustration of cosmic cats: an invitation to dream of stars

Watercolor of two cats sitting on a planet and contemplating the cosmos


In this article, I am thrilled to share with you a captivating video featuring a watercolor illustration of cosmic cats. Made recently, this work reflects my love for watercolor and felines. I invite you to discover this artistic creation which will be exhibited from March 1 to 31 at the Vert Galant gallery, located in Paris. Let's dive together into this dreamlike universe where shimmering colors and mysterious felines mingle.

An artistic journey:

To bring this illustration to life, I used my favorite mediums, which allowed me to create a dreamlike atmosphere. The choice of quality black watercolor paper, in particular that of the Clairefontaine brand, played an essential role. This dark medium helps to highlight color nuances and create a striking contrast with the luminous patterns of cosmic cats.

To add subtle detail and evoke celestial magic, I used white ink pens from welle known brands such as Sakura and Faber & Castell. These pens allow you to add light strokes, twinkle stars and shine effects throughout the artwork.

The cosmic cats are brought to life using dual markers I recently acquired from the store Action . These felt-tip pens offer dual functionality with a watercolor brush side for soft strokes and gradient effects, and a hard metallic effect tip for precise details. The rendering of these markers is particularly appreciable and they offer a wide range of colors, ideal for expressing the cosmic diversity of our celestial felines.

Chatsseoir and dream of stars":

The title I chose for this watercolor illustration is "Chatsseoir et rêver d'étoiles". It represents the idea of feline contemplation facing the immensity of the universe, where cats become the guardians of celestial secrets. I wanted to capture this connection between our feline companions and the mysterious beauty of space.

Exhibition at the Vert Galant gallery:

If you would like to admire this watercolor illustration of cosmic cats with your own eyes, I warmly invite you to visit the Vert Galant gallery in Paris. The special exhibition "cats" will be held from March 1 to April 12. This is a unique opportunity to discover other artistic creations highlighting the grace and fascination that cats exert on artists.


The watercolor illustration of cosmic cats is an artistic representation that transports us to a fairy world where felines bond intimately with the vastness of the cosmos. Thanks to the mediums used, each line, each color and each detail contributes to creating a magical atmosphere

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