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Illustration painting on notebooks

Illustration painting on notebooks: a new dimension for my works

Artistic creativity knows no bounds and every artist is constantly looking for new ways to express their unique vision. Recently, I discovered an interesting artistic technique which added a new dimension to my works: painting on notebooks and notebooks. This innovative approach allowed me to push the boundaries of artistic creation and bring my ideas to life in a whole new way.

Illustration painting on notebooks involves using a simple notebook or "notebook" as a canvas to create works of art. It may seem strange at first, but it is precisely this simplicity that makes this technique so intriguing. By using a simple, everyday medium, I am able to demystify art and make it more accessible and familiar.

One of the most obvious advantages of painting on sketchbooks is its portability. I can take my notebook and my brushes wherever I go, be it to a park, a cafe or even on a trip. It allows me to capture spontaneous moments of inspiration and express my emotions through art no matter where I am. This mobility gives me complete creative freedom and flexibility that I had never experienced before.

Another interesting aspect of painting illustration on notebooks is the texture of the paper. Unlike a traditional canvas, notebook paper provides a unique surface that absorbs paint in a special way. This gives a tactile dimension to my works, adding extra depth and sensitivity to my designs. In addition, working in a less formal medium allows me to experiment more and let my creativity run free without worrying about pre-established rules.

Painting illustration on notebooks is also a great opportunity to explore new mediums. I have found that acrylic and acrylic markers work particularly well on notebook paper, they can be varnished very easily and there is nothing to stop experimenting with other types of paint or even adding collages and mixed elements. The versatility of this technique opens up a world of artistic opportunities, allowing me to explore different combinations of mediums and create unique visual effects.

Ultimately, painting illustrations on sketchbooks opened up new perspectives for me and gave me a different approach to art. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, explore new artistic territories and develop my own creative voice. Whether you're an established artist or just curious to explore your creative side, I highly encourage you to give notebook painting a try. It is an enriching artistic experience that can take you to a new dimension of artistic expression.

Notebook painting illustration the unicorn

Notebook painting illustration the wolf

Notebook painting illustration the dragon

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