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Career path of the painter and illustrator Michèle Pincemin

About Michèle Pincemin painter and illustrator

Michèle Pincemin is a self-taught French painter and illustrator, born near Versailles in 1962.

Art has been part of her life since childhood, she learned classic music in a Music School at the age of 7 and practiced the violin during 20 years, later the organ and the piano variety and jazz with private lessons.

All her childhood she liked very much drawing stories that she invented and thus began to paint naturally with gouache paint.

The need to create arose after a family event in 1996, she then start to compose and arrange her own music, because she cannot express herself in words.

This event was the first unconscious trigger that pushed her towards a life of an artist painter.

After having experimented painting for a long time as an autodidact, the desire to learn always more, pushed her to sign up for drawing and painting lessons at the fine arts worshop where she lives;.

At the same time in addition to her artistic activities, she studied at the University and her degree in hand, she forgot her dreams for a while and start a professional life.

She worked for many years in a large international group as a bilingual executive assistant and one day realised that she wanted to live another life.

Being a painter, she began to think about it after another family event in 2015. She decided to end her professional life in business soon after and get started to the blissness of a full-time painting career.

Inspired first by the Impressionists and then by painters like Dali, Chagall, Bosch, Magritte, she mainly paints imaginary worlds full of gentleness and draws illustrations of animals, especially cats.

She participated in her first exhibition in 2017 at the outdoor watercolour festival "Aquarella" in Rueil Malmaison near Paris. Since then she has participated in various Parisian symposiums such as the Grand Salon d'Art Abordable and Expo4Art as well as exhibitions, among others, in Paris and at the Blanche gallery in Giverny where she won the public prize in 2019 for her watercolour painting "Brumes sur Charles Bridge ”. She is also represented at the Acanthe gallery in the artists' village of La Ferté Loupière (Burgundy).

Illustrator, Michèle has been working for several years with Bernard Larquet author of a collection of children's books "Les Contes de la Fée des Etoiles" they have published 8 albums of tender, bright and colorful tales to date (written in French only).


In 2019 Michèle joins forces with other artist friends and they create together a collective "Le Cercle des Artistes du Tango" composed of 9 artists who create and organize exhibitions on the theme of tango dance.


2021 is the year of her voluntary artistic commitment in the fight against animal abuse, with illustrations and texts designed with Bernard Larquet, the author of the "Contes de la fée des étoiles" that they propose for free to animal defense organisations, to raise public awareness of this cause.

The Animal Assistance Foundation and the Anti-bullfighting Alliance have already responded favorably to this comittment by publishing one of Michèle Pincemin's illustrations. ​


Michèle Pincemin's work is essentially figurative. The technique she mainly uses is watercolor but she also paints in acrylic and draws in charcoal, pastels and India ink. Her goal is to make people dream, in a very colorful and often dreamlike universe, each of her watercolor or illustration tells a story and the emotion must be present. Michèle loves travel, magic, dreams and seeks to express these universes through her painting

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photo of michele pincemin as a child
michele pincemin artist painter in his studio
watercolor in michele pincemin's studio
michele pincemin painter and illustrator
michele pincemin painter at the colombes christmas market
Michele Pincemin, children's illustrator, dedicates a children's book for which she created the illustrations
watercolor palette by michele pincemin

Book signing of Star Fairy Tales by Michèle Pincemin

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