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Reading stories for children at the Yerres book fair

Sunday, March 12, I had the great pleasure of participating in a day dedicated to reading and poetry, showcasing my beloved collection entitled "Star Fairy Tales". As a passionate illustrator, I have created watercolor illustrations that bring these captivating stories to life. For this special event, we were welcomed in a prestigious and enchanting place: the orangery of the Caillebotte park in Yerres (91).This day was a new opportunity for me to share my passion for children's stories and to present our magnificent albums. I had the privilege of reading a few selected excerpts from our stories to attentive little listeners. Their eyes sparkled with excitement and their imaginations blossomed with every word spoken. It was a joy to see their spontaneous reactions, their smiles lighting up their faces as the plot unfolded.After the reading, I had the joy of autographing books to the children who were present. It was a privileged moment where I was able to discuss with them, know their impressions and answer their curious questions. The children were thrilled to receive an autographed book, a treasure they could take home to share with family and friends. These moments of complicity and sharing are priceless for me as an artist and storyteller.Children's stories have extraordinary power. They stimulate the imagination, encourage creativity and provide an endless source of fun and discovery. Through my delicate illustrations, I strive to capture the magic and wonder that accompanies these stories. Every brush, every shade of color, is carefully chosen to bring the fantastical characters and landscapes to life.By participating in this special day, I realized how important it is to tell stories to children. Tales offer them a welcome escape from everyday life, transporting them to imaginary worlds where anything is possible. They feed their minds, develop their sense of curiosity and cultivate their love of reading.My passion for children's stories and illustrations continues to grow. I am grateful to be able to share my work with such a receptive and enthusiastic audience. Every event like this reinforces my belief that storytelling is a timeless treasure that transcends generations and creates treasured memories.As I think back to that memorable day at the orangery in Parc Caillebotte, I am filled with emotion and gratitude. The smiles and laughter of children still resonate in my mind, reminding me of why I fell in love with children's stories and the art of illustrating them. I am determined to continue creating magical stories that will continue to amaze and inspire young minds, guiding them to a world of endless dreams and adventures.

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