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Michèle Pincemin

French painter

watercolors and illustrations

Let my imagination wander, without limit, creating worlds where reality is different and telling stories, that's what I'm looking for with watercolor, illustrations and children's books.

My figurative works of art are addressed to all lovers of visual arts , dreamers, those who have kept the capacity to be amazed. The dream has no age, you who love what seems impossible welcome to my watercolors and illustrations gallery.

Michèle Pincemin

illustrator for children

About 3 years ago a children's book illustrations project got started and I began to draw and paint watercolor and ink illustrations for stories from the “Star Fairy Tales” collection, imagined and written by Bernard Larquet author and composer who asked me to collaborate on his project. He created enchanting little characters, Nanard the Firefly and Mimie the Bat and others, who are always ready to help and defend their animal friends in the forest where they live. For information, Mimie was created by the author for me because I love this little animal that we sometimes fear wrongly! The message of these tales is to protect nature and the lives of animals, that we dont' have the right to destroy.

We have published five children's albums as of today in this collection (written in French only). Discover them in my illustrations gallery

Illustratrice de livres d'enfants Michèle Pincemin


New book illustrated by Michèle Pincemin
Author Bernard Larquet
Ourga, messenger of animals
Digital book to download (5€) in French only

Find out more: start reading it for free!


story of animals illustrated by Michèle Pincemin, painter and illustrator
story of animals, illustrated by Michèle Pincemin, painter and illustrator

A lifelong passion for visual arts

Before the night is over, draw me a dream...

Born in the middle of winter on a snowy day, I am a big dreamer, passionate about art and creation. My painting is surreal and dreamlike, I paint imaginary worlds and create poetic illustrations, illustrations of cats that I paint in a humorous way sometimes. My goal is to make people dream, as dreams have no age, I create for adults as well as for children.

I have always been drawing as much as I can remember, especially on my blackboard when I was little, I invented stories on it on rainy days, when I couldn't go playing outside.

French painter Michèle Pincemin watercolorist and illustrator
Cat animal art in pastels Michèle Pincemin

I make portraits in pastels or charcoal, of your favorite pets from photos and I create personalized drawings of first names or city names in watercolor.

Please don't ask me portaits or your familly. Send me a message for prices and more details.

Dreamlike watercolor by Michèle Pincemin artist painter
Michèle Pincemin visual arts
surrealist paintings, wall decoration by Michèle Pincemin
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